Dubai Activities Not To Miss

Dubai is of the seven emirates making up the United Arab Emirates and is the largest city after Abu Dhabi. It has a reputation for being a shopper`s paradise and for luxury but also offers a chance to experience the desert and middle-eastern culture. Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf coast and started off as a fishing village. Since then it has grown to become one of the world`s leading tourist destinations. Many visitors are attracted by the combination of reliable weather and excellent shopping but Dubai does offer more.

The climate is hot and humid, with summer temperatures reaching as high as 41 degrees centigrade in the summer. Most rainfall occurs between December and March with very little in between, which makes it attractive to those looking for some sunbathing. There are certainly plenty of opportunities; Dubai has some of the world`s most luxurious hotels, with swimming pools to match along with pristine beaches. Indeed for those that can afford it, afternoon tea in the Burj al Arab (Tower of Arabs) hotel, which has been voted the world`s most exclusive hotel, is a must do on a trip to Dubai.

Dubai is a duty free zone, which attracts shoppers from throughout the world, looking for a bargain on everything including gold, electronics, clothing and Persian rugs. March sees the annual shopping festival, which attracts 2 million visitors. There are plenty of western style malls but shoppers looking for a more authentic experience should visit the souk area, which is home to numerous traditional arab markets.

After tea in a top hotel and some shopping many visitors are looking for something completely different and the desert certainly offers this. Visitors can get away from it all and experience the peace and tranquillity of a night under the stars at a Bedouin camp. After this how about travel the old fashioned way – take a camel ride through the dunes. For those looking for something rather faster how about three or four wheeling through the sand dunes? Hire a three wheeled or four wheeled motor bike and get an adrenalin rush by racing through the dunes.

Another must do activity for those looking for an adrenalin rush is a trip to the wild wadi, an arab themed water amusement park, which is also an excellent day out for families. Also visit another famous water theme park in Dubai, Aquaventure, at Atlantis, The Palm Jumeirah, where hae unique slides right under the tunnel and sea of sharks. Another family friendly day out is a trip to Dubai zoo at Jumeirah Beach Road.

In addition to the shopping Dubai also has an excellent nightlife with plenty for everyone. There are a wide range of restaurants and bars. For those looking for some dancing there are plenty of night clubs offering a lively atmosphere. However if you are visiting during Ramadan be careful as many may be shut. The Dubai creek runs through the heart of the city and an excellent way of experiencing the combination of ancient and modern that Dubai offers is to take a traditional Dhow boat trip along the river. Admire the high rise and modern building on a vessel that has hardly changed in centuries.

Dubai is a vibrant, exciting city. There are luxurious hotels, excellent shopping malls and traditional souks as well as traditional and modern desert activities. Combined with a good year round climate, it attracts visitors from around the world. In addition, its duty free status and location between Europe and Asia, has meant it has become a prime stop off destination and hub airport. The result of this is that there are many airlines flighing in and out of the city, offering a wide choice of competitive deals on Dubai flights for those prepared to look.